PI or PI Delegate Can View No Cost Extension Request Following October 16 Release

Tuesday, October 16, 2018


eRA performed software updates that modified user access to view the No Cost Extension in eRA Commons today, Tuesday, October 16. There is no action that users need to take and there was no system downtime.


New Update


A principal investigator (PI) or another Commons user to whom a PI has delegated the privilege (PI Delegate) will now be able to view the pdf of the No Cost Extension request submitted to the granting agency. The document will be available on the Status Information screen in eRA Commons under the Other Relevant Documents section.


Prior to this release, only the signing official (SO) could view the submitted request in the system.



Figure 1: Status Information screen displaying link to submitted No Cost Extension request under the Other Relevant Documents section


As you are aware, if a grant is not eligible for an automatic No Cost Extension, an SO can request prior approval from NIH for a No Cost Extension when the grant meets certain conditions (see Requesting a No Cost Extension in the eRA Commons online help). Note that as before, only the SO can initiate, edit and submit the No Cost Extension.