Access IAR

Instructions for logging into eRA Commons to access IAR and for creating an eRA Commons account or adding IAR privileges to the account

IAR is accessed via eRA Commons; therefore, reviewers need an eRA Commons account. When a scientific review officer (SRO) invites a reviewer to a meeting, the reviewer gets emails about next steps in the process (see sample text of emails sent to reviewers).

  • If the reviewer is a principal investigator with an account in eRA Commons, the reviewer can use that account with IAR privileges added.
  • If the reviewer is new to eRA Commons, the reviewer can create a new account after being invited to do so by an SRO.
  • If the reviewer has previously served as a reviewer, he or she can use the previously established eRA Commons account with IAR privileges.

Link to Log in to IAR (via eRA Commons)

  • Once logged in to eRA Commons, click on the apps icon  apps menu icon to navigate to other modules  on the upper left corner of the screen to access IAR from the drop-down menu (see screenshot further below).

Basic Tasks (step-by-step instructions)*

* You must be logged into IAR via eRA Commons with appropriate role(s) to complete these activities. 

Main Screenshots

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Log-in section image

Figure 1: The eRA Commons login screen

Once logged-in, select Internet Assisted Review from the apps navigation icon.

Figure 2: Once logged-in, select Internet Assisted Review from the apps navigation icon.


Video Tutorials

  • Reviewers: A Brief Introduction to IAR  (video tutorial, 2:53 minutes)
    This short video provides an overview of the Internet Assisted Review (IAR) module. It highlights how to access IAR, steps reviewers need to take before reviewing grant applications and additional resources for reviewers.

  • Reviewers: Received an IAR Invitation. Now What?  (video tutorial, 5:10 minutes)
    This tutorial will guide reviewers on how to get started on IAR upon receiving the scientific review invitation emails from SROs.

Other Resources