eRA Enhancements: Highlights of eRA Commons' xTRACT Release Scheduled for Thursday, February 4

Wednesday, February 3, 2016

eRA Commons’ Extramural Trainee Reporting And Career Tracking (xTRACT) system will undergo a maintenance release this Thursday, February 4, 2016. These are just some of the features being rolled out for this release; check out the release notes, following the release, for more information on features and fixes.

NOTE: The maintenance process will not affect other aspects of the production environment for eRA Commons.

New Features

  • Subsequent Grants Updated for Trainee or Student When Training End Date is Entered
    • When a training end date is entered in the End Date (when Trainee Left Program) field on the Participating Trainee Detail screen for a participating trainee or student, the subsequent grants for that trainee or student are prepopulated from available NIH sources provided that no subsequent grants were previously entered for that trainee or student for that particular Research Training Dataset (RTD).
  • Added Feature for Uploading Non-NIH Funding Sources is now Available
    • A new feature in xTRACT for uploading non-NIH funding sources is accessed by clicking the Institution Data tab and clicking on the Upload Funding Sources hyperlink.
  • Commons User ID now Displaying in Participating Trainees List
    • Previously the Commons User ID was not always displaying in the Participating Trainees list for a Research Performance Progress Report’s (RPPR) RTD.
  • Non-NIH Sources of Support now Displaying Correctly in Preview PDF
    • Previously the non-NIH sources of support were being displayed incorrectly in the PDF when the Preview PDF hyperlink was clicked in xTRACT. These sources of support applied to any non-NIH sources of support under the Summary of Support During Training in the following tables:
      • Table 8A – Program Outcomes: Predoctoral
      • Table 8C – Program Outcomes: Postdoctoral
    • The correct abbreviations listed below now display: NSF  Other Fed  Univ  Fdn  Non-US  Other
  • Training Grant Search now Displaying Type 5 Grants Correctly
    • Previously when a Type 2 (competing renewal) grant application had been submitted and its status was Pending Review, the previously awarded Type 5 in the grant family was not appearing in the search results on the Search for Training Grants screen.  Consequently, if a user wished to start preparing for a resubmission of the competing renewal, there was no way to do so in xTRACT.
    • The preceding awarded Type 5 grant is now returned in the search results on the Search for Grants screen.
  • OTH Degree Text is now Displaying in the Training Table PDF
    • If a faculty member or trainee/student received an OTH (Other) type of degree, it is required to enter what type of degree was earned in the Other Degree Text field on various screens in xTRACT. This Other Degree Text was not being displayed where appropriate in the Training table PDF.
    • The Other Degree Text applies to any degrees listed in the following tables:
      • Table 8A – Program Outcomes: Predoctoral
        • Sections: Terminal Degree(s) received and Year(s)
      • Table 8C – Program Outcomes: Postdoctoral
        • Sections: Doctoral Degree(s) and Year(s) or Degree(s) resulting from Postdoctoral training and Year(s)
  • Doctoral Degrees now Appearing in Training Table 8C
    • Previously doctoral degrees were not appearing in the column labeled Doctoral Degree(s) and Year(s) in Table 8C whenever the doctoral degree earned date and the postdoctoral trainee’s entry program date were in the same month and year.
  • When Performing Training Grant Searches Assistants can now See all of their PIs
    • When performing training grant searches Assistants were not always seeing all of their Principal Investigators (PIs) as expected in their Delegator List in xTRACT.