Program Management Module (PMM)

The Program Management Module (PMM) is designed for program officials (PO) and program analysts to manage portfolios and the end-to end grant lifecycle.

Internal Referral Module (IRM)

The Internal Referral Module is a system that provides Institutes/Centers (ICs) the ability to assign applications within their IC, following referral of the applications by the Center for Scientific Review (CSR). The system is designed for use by IC ‘internal referral’ officers, who manage a pool of applications within the IC and are responsible for assigning the applications to program officials (POs) within the IC.

Foreign Award and Component Tracking System (FACTS)

FACTS is designed to meet NIH's need to accurately track and report NIH investments in research (grants and contracts) involving collaborations in foreign countries. FACTS is also used to process these requests for foreign collaborations that require State Department clearance.

Real Time Meeting Status (RTMS)

The Real Time Meeting Status (RTMS) module allows program officials (POs) to track the discussion status of grant applications and grants in their portfolio at review meetings in real time, as well as grants they track through the Program Management Module (PMM). The RTMS module is available in both mobile and desktop versions, giving program officials information on the go.

Checklist Management

Checklist provides grants management and program staff a tool for reviewing and entering assurances and administrative prerequisites that require approval in accordance with the general terms and conditions of award. The content of a grant application’s checklist, based on the IC, activity code, grant type, and multiple other indicators (such as the presence of human and animal subjects) is customized for grants management and program, by Agency. Checklist content can also be IC-specific.