Award Management

Grants Management (GM)

The Grants Management module enables the grantor agency to document the administrative review in conjunction with issuing grant awards. It also provides multiple functions related to issuing awards including workload management tools, checks and balances to verify data integrity, and the ability to assign grants to grants management or program staff for individual records.

Grants Management Workbooks (GM Workbook)

The GM Workbook Next Generation is a redesigned set of standardized Excel workbooks used by the grants management community for calculating and validating the appropriate amounts for all aspects involved in a grant award. The big plus of the GM Workbook Next Generation is that it will prepopulate data for requested dollars from the grant applications, thereby reducing the administrative burden for the grants management community.

Terms and Conditions Module (TCM)

The Terms and Conditions Module (TCM) enables SAMHSA ICs to define and manage structured terms and conditions that can be applied to the grants they administer, and to track due dates and grantee document submissions for the terms that require follow-up.

Alert Module

The Alert Module allows Office of Policy for Extramural Research Administration (OPERA) users to create, enter and manage alerts associated with NIH grants. These alerts may affect special award terms, require a hold placed on an award, or be purely informational in nature.

Pay Plan

The Pay Plan module helps Institutes and Centers plan out a critical aspect in the grants cycle—the grant applications they are going to fund. The module is a management tool that eases the approval coordination for budget, program, and grants management communities as well as IC leadership, by streamlining and automating many of the pay plan authorization steps.

Checklist Management

Checklist provides grants management and program staff a tool for reviewing and entering assurances and administrative prerequisites that require approval in accordance with the general terms and conditions of award. The content of a grant application’s checklist, based on the IC, activity code, grant type, and multiple other indicators (such as the presence of human and animal subjects) is customized for grants management and program, by Agency. Checklist content can also be IC-specific.

Grant Folder

Grant Folder is a shared interface among several eRA applications and serves as the main portal to view official grants-related documents for grant applications.

Grant Update Module (GUM)

The Grant Update Module (GUM) allows users to update basic grant data, administrative codes, budget data, Principal Investigator (PI) data, and Program Class Codes (PCCs) for administrative and dual Institute/Centers (ICs). The system also allows users to view grant application and awarded grant information.

Subproject Management System (SMS)

The Subproject Management System (SMS) module is used to view, create, update, delete, and import subproject records associated with a Parent Grant, depending on the user's privileges. It can be accessed from the Grants Management (GM), Inclusion Management System (IMS), Institute and Center Operations (ICO), Program (PGM), and Peer Review (REV) modules.

Institute and Center Operations (ICO)

The Institute and Center Operations (ICO) module allows program officials to manage their portfolios, referral officers to assign a program officer to applications, budget officers to indicate grants to be paid, and council administrators to add council actions to the database. Grants Managers also use ICO to assign pay codes and to record mechanism and fiscal year changes. ICO also allows internal electronic approval of awards.

Archive Exclusion System(AES)

The Archive Exclusion System (AES) allows users to apply record holds to grants and grant applications to keep them out of permanent storage, even after aging criteria is met.


The Payback Activities (PA) module supports the administration of payback requirements for the Ruth L. Kirschstein National Research Service Awards (NRSA).