eRA Enhancements: Highlights of eRA Commons’ Upgrade on Thursday, August 27

Tuesday, August 25, 2015

eRA Commons will be updated during regular work hours on Thursday, August 27, 2015. In what is referred to as a rolling deployment, NIH will update several aspects of the eRA Commons.  During this time, all systems will remain available. The following are just some of the features being rolled out for this release; check out the release notes for more information on features and fixes.

Updates in eRA Commons

NIH has added several new features to eRA Commons:

  • Federal Financial Report Re-Design
    • The look and feel of the interface for electronically creating and submitting Federal Financial Reports (FFR) has been modified to conform to eRA’s standards for user interfaces, including fonts, colors, and the banner.
    • Users with the FSR role will use the re-designed FFR module for all of their FFR needs: creating, viewing, editing, and submitting the reports.
    • Requirements for FFRs have not changed, but users will notice modifications to key features of the module including:
      • Optional one-click, pre-defined Quick Searches for frequently used queries
      • New action buttons
      • Viewable history of FFR records, without leaving the search screen
      • On-screen entry of indirect expenses within the long form
  • New Re-Assign Grant Feature in Status
    • Signing Officials (SO) now have the ability to re-assign grants to specific schools and departments within their institutions. The new feature titled Re-Assign Grant is found within the Status screen.
    • Certain rules apply for using this feature as follows:
      • The feature is available only to institutions of higher education
      • Only Commons users with the SO role have access to the feature
      • SOs can only search and select grants within their institutions
      • Only parent grants can be re-assigned
      • Any revisions and supplements associated with grants being moved will also be moved
      • Only grants for the current and future fiscal years will be available to move to other schools/departments
    • NOTE: If a department or school does not appear on the drop down list of available choices, you should follow the current procedure to update your organization’s information by submitting the request to the eRA Commons Help Desk