Enhancements and Validations in Development

Important:  We post our plans for upcoming enhancement and fixes well in advance of their delivery to help system-to-system service providers plan for their own development efforts. We try our best to keep these documents current as our plans evolve. Please keep in mind that these are *draft* documents and are subject to change at any time. 

Which opportunities are processed by NIH eRA systems/services?

We process applications posted in Grants.gov under the following Grants.gov agency codes:

  • HHS-NIH11

The XML Extract that Grants.gov publishes daily includes agency code ("HHS-NIH11") and agency name ("National Institutes of Health") information. Although NIH posts all opportunities under the same agency code and agency name, others may have one agency name used for multiple agency codes.

FORMS-G Implementation

NIH will require the use of FORMS-G application packages and instructions for due dates on/after January 25, 2022. We plan to begin posting FORMS-G application packages to production funding opportunities ~October 25, 2021. See NOT-OD-21-169 for additional details.


The following application forms include substantive form changes (i.e., new/deleted/modified fields). All other forms in NIH application packages include only an OMB expiration date change (final OMB expiration to display on forms 09/30/2024) and do not require a new schema version.

Form Version update  included in FORMS-G
SF424 (R & R) 5.0
SF-424 R&R Multi-Project Cover 4.0
Research and Related Senior/Key Person Profile (Expanded) 4.0
Research & Related Budget 3.0
R & R Subaward Budget Attachment(s) Form 5 YR 30 ATT 3.0
Research & Related Budget 10YR 3.0
R & R Subaward Budget Attachment(s) Form 10 YR 30 ATT 3.0
Research & Related Multi-Project 10 Year Budget 3.0
R & R Multi-Project Subaward Budget Attachment(s) Form 10YR 30ATT 3.0
PHS 398 Training Budget 2.0
PHS 398 Training Subaward Budget Attachment(s) Form 3.0
PHS Additional Indirect Costs 2.0
Project/Performance Site Location(s) 3.0
PHS Fellowship Supplemental Form 6.0
PHS Human Subjects and Clinical Trials Information 3.0
SBIR/STTR Information 3.0


Mock-ups, Schemas, and Form Items Description (FID)


  • PHS Additional Indirect Costs form version 2.0 is already in production and the documents can be found on the R&R Family page


  • Draft validations document coming soon


Web Service Changes

  • Draft S2S Client Transaction Guide - September 2021
  • New SADS web service requests are available in UAT
    • GetOrganizationInfoByUEI
    • GetPersonInfoWithUEI
    • GetPersonInfoWithEmploymentWithUEI
    • GetSAMOrgInfoByUEI
  • SIL now supports the FORMS-G forms in UAT
  • SVS now supports a subset of new rules in UAT and updates are continuing - details coming soon

FORMS-G Test Opportunities

  • FORMS-G Series test FOAs
  • A FORMS-G application package has also been added to PA-FO-R21 to mimic an existing FOA that is updated to include a FORMS-G package
  • Applications can be tested through to UAT eRA Commons
    • Some UEI validations are pending

Style Sheets

  • We encourage folks to use our SIL web service to generate full FORMS-G application images. Style sheets are no longer used by NIH, but will be provided later this Fall.