eRA Enhancements: New Features for xTRACT Coming February 16, 2017

Tuesday, February 14, 2017

Several new features will be added to xTRACT in a software release scheduled for Thursday, February 16, 2017.  xTRACT is the Extramural Trainee Reporting and Career Tracking system and is accessed via eRA Commons. It allows applicants, grantees and assistants to create research training tables for progress reports and institutional training grant applications.


  • Text styling of names that are in all-caps:

Any names that are in all-caps, which  a user is not otherwise able to enter or edit, are now "styled" to provide a more attractive appearance (initial-caps for each word in the name). This includes:

  • Person names (faculty, students, trainees, mentors)
  • Institution names (prior institutions, employing organizations, grantee organizations)
  • Department names (participating departments, employing organizations/departments, grantee organizations/departments)


  • Upload feature for participating faculty members on a Research Training Dataset (RTD).

When adding participating faculty to an RTD, users now have the ability to upload a tab-delimited file of faculty members, rather than entering them by hand.  For each faculty member, the following details may be provided in the upload:

  • Identification of the faculty member via Commons User ID
  • Faculty details consisting of rank, research interest, and training roles
  • Mentoring record consisting of:  Predocs in Training, Predocs Graduated, Predocs Continued in Research or Related Careers, Postdocs in Training, Postdocs Completed Training, Postdocs Continued in Research or Related Careers



  • Ability to cite publications with a large number of authors

Publications can now be added for a trainee if the Pubmed citation lists more than 256 authors. 


  • Year Awarded Correctly Shown in Table 8 for Subsequent Grants

The year awarded is now being displayed correctly for all subsequent grants in table 8. 


Following the release, please look for details and screenshots in the Online Help for xTRACT (and accessible through the question marks on xTRACT screens).