eRA Enhancements: Highlights of eRA Commons’ Upcoming Release & Scheduled Downtime for Thursday, January 21

Tuesday, January 19, 2016

Scheduled Downtime for January Release:

eRA Commons and ASSIST will be unavailable beginning at 9 p.m. ET Thursday, January 21, and will return to service by 7 a.m. ET Friday, January 22, 2016. When the system is available again, you will see new features and functionality have been added to the system.   The following are highlights of eRA Commons’ upcoming January software release. These are just some of the many features being rolled out; check out the release notes, following the release, for more information on features and fixes.

Highlights of eRA Commons’ January Software Release

Updates in eRA Commons

NIH has added several new features to eRA Commons:

  • Principal Investigator (PI) Screens Redesigned for Status, JIT, and Closeout
    • The eRA Commons’ Status screen for PIs has been redesigned with a refined interface, a responsive design and grouping of information that is user friendly. Searches on the Recent/Pending eSubmissions and List of Applications/Grants screens will now provide a total count of applications/grants at the top of the screen. The results will be grouped by Application ID/Grant number and will be expandable and collapsible as needed.
    • Additionally, eRA has updated the look of both the Just in Time (JIT) and Closeout screens for PIs.
      • Both have been reconfigured to improve readability and flow.
      • Both now support “Drag & Drop” functionality to upload files while dynamically validating file size and format.

NOTE: Signing Officials will see this same functionality once the redesign of the SO Status Screen is completed later this year.

Also a condensed version of the Status screen for PIs is now available for use on mobile devices through a special URL — See eRA News for more information on this topic.

  • Electronic Signature of New Organization Registration in eRA Commons
    • The registration process for eRA Commons will be made less burdensome: Signing Officials will now be able to sign electronically instead of signing a hard copy and faxing the registration form to eRA.
  • New Functionality for Delegates
    • Delegates will benefit from new functionality within eRA Commons. If Status is delegated to an person from multiple PIs, the selection of the person for whom they are acting will remain throughout their connection to Commons unless they specifically change the Status setting.

Updates in ASSIST

Because of the upgrade in December 2015, there are no significant changes to ASSIST in this release. However, we would like to remind you of the powerful features that were added in that upgrade.

  • Copy Application with Attachments
    • The Copy application feature now includes attachments! When copying an application, you can choose to include all the attachments from the original version.

NOTE: When copying an application with attachments, ASSIST will show the status of the application as “Incomplete” until the copied version is saved. Be sure to click the Save button to update the status.

  • Transition of ASSIST Complete
    • ASSIST is now an option for:
      • all single and multi-project, competing grant applications;
      • single-project administrative supplements;
      • single-project, post-award successor-in-interest (type 6) requests; and
      • single-project, post-award change of institution (type 7) requests.

NOTE: The ability to submit help tickets online will not be available during the downtime listed above.