eRA Information: New Screen and Features Added to iEdison to Manage Point of Contact Information

Wednesday, September 16, 2015

eRA will be performing software updates to enhance the iEdison module as part of a release scheduled for deployment tomorrow, September 17. The release will not require system downtime and is not expected to disrupt iEdison. Users should have full access to these systems throughout the release.

New Features

  • Adds a new screen, which allows Agencies to manage their point of contact information via the Agency Administration tab and screen.
    • Buttons allow users to perform the following actions: Modify Contacts, Add Contact, and Refresh.
    • Provides a search toolbar to allow users to perform a search for an agency.
  • Users with the following roles can perform actions as noted:
    • IDO Administrator role: can view all Agencies and create/edit only their primary Agency’s information.
    • IDO User role: can view all Agencies contact information.

For details, please look for the iEdison release notes posted on both the eRA website and the eRA Intranet.