Just-In-Time - via eRA Commons

Just-in-Time allows applicants and signing officials to submit, at the request of the grantor agency, certain elements of a competing grant application at a later date in the application process – after the peer review and as the application is being considered for funding.

No-Cost Extension (NCE) - via eRA Commons

No Cost Extension in eRA Commons allows applicant organizations to request an extension of time to a project period and/or budget period to complete the work of the grant under that period, without additional federal funds or competition.

xTrain - via eRA Commons

xTrain is a module in eRA Commons that allows program directors/principal investigators, university administrators, and trainees to electronically prepare and submit appointment forms and termination notices for institutional research training grants, institutional career development awards, individual fellowships, and research education awards.

Interagency Edison (iEdison)

iEdison allows government grantees and contractors to report government-funded subject inventions, patents, and utilization data via the web to the government agency that issued the funding award.