Receipt and Referral (RR)

The Receipt and Referral module serves as a central clearinghouse to log, route and assign competing grant applications received by the grantor agency. Authorized staffers assign applications for review for funding consideration.

Assignment Change Request (ACR)

Grant applications submitted to a grantor agency sometimes require a change in their original assignment after submission. Some common examples of required changes include changes in Institute/Center assignment, grant number, study section, council date, etc. These requests were previously submitted on paper, using the 901 form, and processed manually. The Assignment Change Request (ACR) system enables these changes to be initiated, routed and approved electronically instead of on paper.

Awaiting Receipt of Applications (ARA)

The main role of the Awaiting Receipt of Applications (ARA) module is to electronically track and link information received in advance of submission to a grant application, after the application is received or logged into the eRA system. The IC uses an ARA form to electronically inform CSR's Division of Receipt and Referral (DRR) when this scenario occurs. DRR staff will then match the ARA request from the IC to the right application and eRA will automatically inform the IC.