Internet Assisted Review (IAR)

The Internet Assisted Review (IAR) module is a system to expedite the scientific review of grant applications. It provides a standard process for reviewers to submit critiques, preliminary scores and final scores and to view grant applications and related meeting materials via the eRA Commons. The IAR module is used during the pre-award phase of the grant application process. IAR allows one-click email capability between the scientific review officer and reviewer.

Committee Management Module (CMM)

The Committee Management Module (CMM) manages the critical administrative processes associated with setting up meetings for peer review, special emphasis panels, advisory councils, program advisory committees and board of scientific counselors. These processes include establishing committees, populating them with qualified members, creating meetings and issuing reports and notices, such as the Federal Register Notice — while following the rules of the Federal Advisory Committee Act (FACA).

Peer Review

The Peer Review module facilitates the initial evaluation of research grant applications in a secure environment by peer review groups, composed of scientists who are experts in the relevant fields of research.The Peer Review module allows scientific review staff to prepare for, conduct and record outcomes of review meetings (including summary statements that summarize the review of grant applications).

Virtual Meeting (VM)

Virtual Meeting, accessed through the Internet Assisted Review (IAR) module via eRA Commons, allows reviewers and scientific review officers to participate in an online review meeting in lieu of a face-to-face meeting at a physical location.

Electronic Council Book (ECB)

The Electronic Council Book (ECB) is a web-based system that provides a variety of services in support of the second level of review of grant applications by a review group (hereafter referred to as the Advisory Council) at the grantor agency.

Grant Folder

Grant Folder is a shared interface among several eRA applications and serves as the main portal to view official grants-related documents for grant applications.

Grant Update Module (GUM)

The Grant Update Module (GUM) allows users to update basic grant data, administrative codes, budget data, Principal Investigator (PI) data, and Program Class Codes (PCCs) for administrative and dual Institute/Centers (ICs). The system also allows users to view grant application and awarded grant information.

Subproject Management System (SMS)

The Subproject Management System (SMS) module is used to view, create, update, delete, and import subproject records associated with a Parent Grant, depending on the user's privileges. It can be accessed from the Grants Management (GM), Inclusion Management System (IMS), Institute and Center Operations (ICO), Program (PGM), and Peer Review (REV) modules.

Institute and Center Operations (ICO)

The Institute and Center Operations (ICO) module allows program officials to manage their portfolios, referral officers to assign a program officer to applications, budget officers to indicate grants to be paid, and council administrators to add council actions to the database. Grants Managers also use ICO to assign pay codes and to record mechanism and fiscal year changes. ICO also allows internal electronic approval of awards.