Reporting Inventions on Your FIS

eRA has recently updated the Closeout screens for PIs (and delegates) based on our new standards. SOs will see similar changes in a future release. Refer to the appropriate steps and images provided for your eRA Commons role.

If you hold an SO or PI role, you can add inventions to the Final Invention Statement.

To add inventions to the FIS:

  1. Click the Requires Closeout link for the grant from Status search results.

    The Closeout Status screen displays. Final Invention Statement is listed in the Closeout Submission Requirement column. The Action column should include a link for Process Final Invention Statement.

  1. Closed toggler arrowFrom Closeout Status, click the Process Final Invention Statement link.

    Process Final Invention Statement link

    Process Final Invention Statement link as a PI sees it

    Closed toggler arrowThe Submit Final Invention Statement screen displays. From this screen you can:

    • Cancel out of the processing of the FIS
    • Indicate that no inventions were created during the course of the project
    • Report inventions created during the course of the project

    Refer to the help topic titled Claiming No Inventions on Your FIS for information on submitting an FIS with no inventions.

    Follow the steps below to submit a report and claim an invention.

    Yes, No, and Cancel buttons

    Yes, No, and Cancel buttons as seen by PI

  2. Click the Yes button.

    The Add Invention screen opens. From this screen, SOs and PIs may perform the following actions:

  3. Closed toggler arrowTo add a new invention:
    1. Fill in the required fields.
      • Title of Invention
      • Name of Inventor
      • Date Reported to DHHS
    2. Click the Add Invention button.

    The added invention displays in the Saved Invention section of the screen.

  4. Repeat the steps above to add all of your project's inventions.
  5. Optional: If you need to remove an invention, you can do so by clicking the Remove link in the Action column under the Saved Invention section.

    Add Invention screen

    Add Invention screen as PI sees it

  6. Click the Save button.

    In a separate window, a certification statement displays. 

    I hereby certify that, to the best of my knowledge and belief, all inventions are listed which were conceived or first actually reduced to practice during the course of work under the referenced DHHS grant or award for the specified period. Further, this report does not in any way relieve our obligation to promptly and fully report all inventions directly to the National Institutes of Health, as required by the terms of the grant or award.

    If you are a PI saving an invention, you will also see the following statement added to the certification message:

    Note that a user with the SO privilege must verify the Final Invention Statement prior to submission.

  7. Click the OK button to continue.

    You can click Cancel if you have made a mistake and need to return to the Submit Final Invention Statement screen.

Closed toggler arrowWhen you save the report, the status of the FIS updates depending on whether you are an SO or a PI.

The SO must verify and submit the FIS. Refer to the help topic titled Submitting Your FIS for more information.

Closeout Status showing saved FIS