Final Progress Report Additional Materials (FRAM)

A Final Research Performance Progress Report (Final RPPR) is required for any grant that has ended and any grant that is not to be extended through award of a new competitive segment. This report should be prepared in accordance with instructions provided by the awarding component.

Refer to the topic titled Submitting Your Final Research Performance Progress Report for information related to the Final RPPR.

The Final Progress Report Additional Materials (FRAM) feature provides a means for grantees to enter, review, route, and submit information in response to specific request(s) by the Program Official (PO) for additional information related to the Final RPPR.

While reviewing a submitted Final RPPR, the PO may determine that additional materials related to the submitted report are required. In this case, the PO will submit a request for this information referred to as a FRAM request. When a FRAM request is made, the PI is notified via email; Final RPPR status on Closeout Status is updated to FRAM Requested; and a FRAM Update link appears in the Closeout Status screen. The link is located as an action on the Final RPPR Report line for Closeout Submission Requirement.

This topic discusses the steps for uploading, viewing, and submitting FRAM.

For Revised Project Outcomes, please review the following information.
To submit revised Project Outcomes, SOs should follow the IRAM process for outcomes for Interim RPPRs and the FRAM process for outcomes for Final RPPRs with the exception that a text box will be provided to enter the new Outcomes text and then you click an Upload button instead of an Add Attachment button as with other RAM requests.
FRAM screen for Revised Outcomes

Project Outcomes provide information regarding the cumulative outcomes or findings of the project.
Note that outcomes will be made publicly available, allowing recipients to provide the general public with a concise summary of the cumulative outcomes or findings of the project at the end of a competitive segment. The name of the Primary Investigator/Project Director will be attached to the public posting in RePORTER.

For NIH awards the length of the Outcome statement should not exceed half a page. In addition, the summary of outcomes or findings of the award must be written in the following format:
*** Is written for the general public in clear, concise, and comprehensible language
*** Is suitable for dissemination to the general public, as the information may be available electronically
*** Does not include proprietary, confidential information or trade secrets

Please refer to the following link for samples of acceptable project outcomes:
See NIH notices NOT-OD-17-022 and NOT-OD-17-037 for additional details on this requirement.

Uploading Final Report Additional Materials

When FRAM is requested by the reviewing PO, an email notification will be sent to the PI (and SO) describing the additional information being requested. It is the PI who is responsible for uploading this requested FRAM via the Closeout module in Commons.

To upload FRAM:

  1. Navigate to the Closeout Status screen.
  2. Locate the Final RPPR line item under the Closeout Submission Requirement column.

    If a PO has requested additional material related to the Final RPPR, the Status will show FRAM Requested, the Result of Action column will show FRAM Requested By <PO Name>, and the FRAM Update link will appear in the Action column of this line item. If this information is not there, the request was not made.

  3. Click the FRAM Update link.

    FRAM Update link

    The Final Progress Report Additional Materials (FRAM) screen appears. From this screen, the PI has the ability to either; upload an attachment meeting the requirements of the requested information or, for Revised Outcomes (Section I of the RPPR), a text field in which to enter the Revised Outcomes text.

    You can view the original request for information from the Status Information screen. The Closeout Final Report Additional Materials Request (FRAM) link located in Other Relevant Documents section of Status Information will show the original request.

  4. Use the Add Attachment button to search for and select the appropriate document from your local computer. The attached document must be in PDF format and no larger than 6MB.

    FRAM screen, Add Attachment button

After passing system validations, the screen will display a message as follows: FRAM was successfully uploaded and is ready for processing by the SO in your institution.

FRAM attachments can be viewed at any time using the View Attachment or View button on the screen. Before being submitted to Agency, FRAM attachments can be deleted using the Delete Attachment button.


When FRAM is attached, the Closeout Status screen updates to show FRAM Updated in the Status column and FRAM Updated By <PI Name> in the Result of Action column. You will notice that the FRAM Update link remains as an available action. Attachments for additional requests can be uploaded using this link and following the same steps described above. Subsequent uploads will be appended in the stored PDF document viewable in Status Information.

Closeout Status showing uploaded status

The SO is now able to submit FRAM. Refer to the steps in the section titled Submitting FRAM for details on how an SO submits FRAM to Agency.

Please note that after the SO submits FRAM, the FRAM Update link on Closeout Status will be replaced by the View FRAM link and updates can no longer be made.

Submitting FRAM

Once a response to a FRAM request has been uploaded by the PI using the Final Progress Report Additional Materials (FRAM) screen, the SO can submit the material to Agency. Only those with an SO role in Commons can submit FRAM.

To submit FRAM:

  1. Navigate to the Closeout Status screen for the specific grant.
  2. Locate the Final Research Performance Progress Report line item under the Closeout Submission Requirement column.

    If the PI has uploaded the additional material successfully, the Result of Action column will show FRAM Updated By <PI Name>. The FRAM Update link will appear in the Action column of this line item.

  3. Click the FRAM Update link.

    FRAM Update

    The Final Progress Report Additional Materials (FRAM) screen appears with the Submit button enabled.

  4. Optional: To view the FRAM response before submitting it, click the View Attachment button.
  5. To submit the FRAM, click the Submit button.

    Submit button

  6. Before the submission is completed, a certification message will appear on the screen. Click the I Agree button to confirm this certification and to complete the process.

    Certification before submitting

After a successful submission, the screen will display a message as follows: The final progress report additional materials have been successfully submitted to Agency. The Closeout Status screen will show FRAM Submitted By <SO Name> in the Result of Action column, and the FRAM Update link available before the submission is replaced by the View FRAM link. FRAM cannot be edited after submission to Agency.

Submission success message

Additionally, email notification is sent to both the SO who submitted the FRAM and to the PI of the grant. A separate notification is sent to the PO of the grant. Commons will generate a PDF document containing all documents adding for the FRAM request. This document can be accessed within the Status Information screen under Other Relevant Documents.

The PO may rescind the approval of the Final RPPR submission at any time. If this event occurs, the FRAM Update link will be made available for submitting FRAM.

SOs can continue to add additional attachments even after submission to Agency (before acceptance of the Final RPPR). Any subsequent documents will be added to the PDF generated by Commons.