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Editing the RPPR Forms

After selecting the appropriate editing option, the RPPR section A. Cover Page displays. The Cover Page includes information about the grant, PD/PI, signing and administrative officials, organization, and project/reporting/budget periods. Some of this information may be auto-populated. For more information on the Cover Page, refer to section 6.1 Section A ‚Äď Cover Page located in the NIH Research Performance Progress Report (RPPR) Instruction Guide.

  1. Update the information as necessary and select the Save button.

    The Closed toggler arrowCover Page includes tabs at the top and links at the bottom of the page for navigating to the other sections (e.g., Accomplishments, Participants), which may be completed in any order. Before navigating to and from any of these sections, it is always necessary to select the Save button to save all changes on the current page. Navigating away from any page on the RPPR without selecting Save results in the loss of any information entered prior to the last save.

    Cover Page

  2. Sections can be completed in any order. To navigate and populate the other sections of the RPPR, select the appropriate link from the top or bottom of the page. The same navigational links appear on each section of the RPPR.
  3. Complete the appropriate fields of the report.

    Details for completing each section are discussed in the Instruction Guide ( Many of the fields on these pages, however, behave in a similar manner.

    Closed toggler arrowClick here to display examples of common field types.

    Add New

    To use the Add/New feature, enter or select data into the appropriate fields. Select the Add/New button to add the data to the table. After being added, items can be edited or deleted from the table using the Action links.

    Add/New feature

    Text Box

    All text boxes on the RPPR have character limits. The number of characters available is reflected beneath each text box as characters are entered.

    Sample text box

    Changing Saved Responses

    While in WIP status, answers may be changed. A warning message displays as follows:

    The entered/uploaded response will be deleted. Do you wish to continue?

    The user editing the information can choose to Continue or Cancel the action. Choosing Continue deletes the previous response, removes any attachments, and disables the relevant fields associated with the question. Choosing Cancel cancels the change.

  4. Select the Save button before navigating to the next page.
  5. To return to the RPPR Menu, select the Cancel button.

When an RPPR is ready for review and submission, it is routed to the next reviewer. Refer to the help topic titled Routing the RPPR


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