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Carryover is a process through which unobligated funds remaining at the end of the budget period may be carried forward to the next budget period. The carryover of funds allows the Grantees to use the unused prior year funds in the current budget period. Grantees are allowed to carryover funds automatically if they have the expanded authority for their application for all others, Grantees need to submit a carryover request to their respective Grants Management Specialists and Program Officials who will review their request.

Eligibility Criteria

To be eligible for a Carryover request through the Prior Approval module, the Grantees should have satisfied the following conditions:

Required Information and Documents

Grantees who satisfy the above conditions are allowed to submit their request through the Prior Approval module available in their Commons system. When submitting their request, enter the amount of the funds to be carried over in the Request Details section. In the remaining sections, upload the following PDF documents.

Validation on Submission

When the request is submitted, the NIH system will verify;

No Cost Extension and Carryover

If the grant is eligible for a No Cost Extension when the Carryover request is initiated, the system will provide the ability to initiate a No Cost Extension. A No Cost Extension request can be initiated if either of the following conditions are satisfied


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