Revised 6/14/2018

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Prior Approval Module

PolicySee section under "Policies Affecting Applications"

NIH Policy allows grantees a level of discretion when making changes to budgeting or grant-related activities. However, some changes require written prior approval. Users can access the eRA Commons Prior Approval module at:

The Prior Approval module allows Principal Investigators (PIs) and Signing Officials (SOs) to respond to prior approval invitations from the granting agency (see note below) or to withdraw from successfully submitted grant application that has not yet been awarded.

In addition, SOs may also request a change of the PD/PI on a grant and request No Cost Extensions when the grant meets specific conditions.

NOTE: To initiate a $500K request, please contact your Program Official. (see the 500K section for more detail)

To access the Prior Approval Landing screen:

  1. Log in to eRA Commons
  2. Select the Prior Approval tab on the Commons Home screen. Closed toggler arrowClick here to view an example.

Home Screen Tab

  1. PIs will see the option to initiate a Withdrawal Request, respond to a 500K invitation, or to List My Requests on the Prior Approval landing screens. Closed toggler arrowClick here to view an example.

PI's Landing Screen

  1. SOs will see options to initiate a Withdrawal Request, Change of PD/PI, No Cost Extension, Carryover, as well as options to list existing requests and to search for requests. Closed toggler arrowClick here to view an example.

SO's Landing Screen

Please refer to the specific sections for full instructions on the various request options, and general request management .


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