Delegate Authority to Someone

This topic discusses delegating authority directly to another user or to someone who needs to access your own account information. Refer to the help topic titled Delegate on Behalf of Another User if you would like information for delegating authority to a user on behalf of someone else.

To delegate authority against your account or directly to another Commons user:

  1. Navigate to the Admin module.
  2. Select the Delegations option from the Admin menu.

The My Delegates screen opens. If applicable, the My Current Delegations area of the screen displays a table of existing delegations. This table indicates No records found if no delegations exist. Refer to the help topic titled Edit Delegations for steps on editing existing delegations.

Depending on your Commons role, you might not be able to delegate all types of authority. The screen lists the authority available for delegation.

  1. Closed toggler arrowSelect the link called Search or Add Delegate.

Search or Add Delegate link

Closed toggler arrowThe Search for Delegates search parameters display on the screen. These parameters include Commons ID, Last Name, First Name, Middle Name, and Role(s). The roles display in a drop-down list where one or more can be selected.

  1. Enter the appropriate search criteria for conducting the search. If necessary, the percent sign (%) can be used as a wildcard character. Hold down the CTRL key when selecting roles to select more than one.
  2. Select the Search button.

Selecting the Cancel button cancels the search and returns the previous screen.

Search feature

Matching users display in the Search Results area. The results include the user’s name, role(s), Commons ID, and delegated authorities. Any marked checkboxes under the Progress Report, Sponsor, Submit, PPF, Status, and xTrain authorities indicate that the user already has the specific authority.

Only the available authority for delegation displays in the table.

If multiple users match the entered search parameters, they might display over several pages. To navigate through the search results, use the next and previous page arrows to move back and forth one page or use the first page and last page arrows to navigate to the beginning or end of the search result list.

The Clear button can be used to clear search parameters and the related search results.

  1. Closed toggler arrowFind the appropriate user to whom to delegate authority. Click the Select link for that user.

Select link

The Delegate Authority (Authorities) screen displays with a confirmation as follows: You have selected to delegate access to: [Name, Commons ID, Role].

Closed toggler arrowThe available authorities for delegation display with checkboxes. The authority available for delegation differs depending on your Commons role and the role of the selected user. For information on delegating specific authority, refer to the Delegation Authorities table.

  1. Mark the checkbox of the specific authority being delegating (e.g., PPF) for the user being delegated. Multiple authorities can be selected if available.

Clicking the Select All button selects all available authorities.

  1. Select the Save button.

Checkboxes for (un)assigning delegations

Closed toggler arrowCommons grants the specified authority for the selected users, who receive an email informing them of the change. The Search Results area updates with the assigned authorities marked.

Search results show the delegations

  1. Optional: Repeat the steps as necessary to delegate other users.
  2. Select the Return to My Current Delegations link to return the My Delegates screen.

Closed toggler arrowMy Current Delegates shows the delegated user with a checkmark in the associated column for each authority granted.

My Delegations section reflects delegations made