Revised 6/19/2018

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Initiating Agency Requested PRAM

The PD/PI (Contact PI) or PD/PI Delegate can initiate Agency Requested PRAM by following the steps below:

  1. Access the Status Result – List of Applications/Grants screen.
  2. Closed toggler arrowSelect the Agency Requested PRAM link from the Action column of the appropriate grant.

    IC Requested PRAM link

    The Progress Report Additional Materials (PRAM) screen displays. Grant Information, including Grant Number, PD/PI Name, Project Title, Institution, Status, and Current Reviewer, displays at the top of the screen. The Additional Materials Requested by Agency section at the bottom provides a means for adding the requested materials. Up to 100 attachments can be submitted, but all attachments must be in the form of PDF files.

  3. Closed toggler arrowSelect the Add Attachment button in the Additional Materials Requested by Agency section of the screen.

    Add Attachment button

  4. Use the Upload Attachment pop-up Browse and Upload buttons to search for and attach the appropriate file. Repeat for all necessary attachments.

    The Additional Materials Requested by Agency section updates to show a table of all attachments. The table displays the Document Name and Action links of View and Delete for each attachment.

  5. Optional: Select the document’s View link in the Action column to view the attachment.
  6. Optional: Select the document’s Delete link in the Action column to remove the attachment.

    NOTE: The options for View and Route History may be selected at this time. Selecting the option for Cancel closes the screen without saving or routing the PRAM information.

  7. Closed toggler arrowSelect the Route button to send the PRAM for review.

    Route button

    Closed toggler arrowWhen the Route button is selected, the Route PRAM to Next Reviewer screen displays. A list of all available reviewers exists in the drop-down for Next Reviewer.

  8. Select a name from the Next Reviewer drop-down list.
  9. Enter text into the Comments field as necessary. This is not a mandatory field.
  10. Select the Submit button to continue.

    Route Screen

    Closed toggler arrowThe Route PRAM to Next Reviewer screen displays the PD/PI Assurance statement.

  11. Read the assurance statement and select the Submit button to agree to the content and continue routing the PRAM to the next reviewer.

    PD/PI Assurance

Closed toggler arrowThe Progress Report Additional Materials (PRAM) screen displays with a message indicating that the PRAM was successfully routed to the selected reviewer. Additionally, the status is updated and shown as Reviewer Work in Progress. At this point, the PD/PI can only view the PRAM, the attachments, and the Route History; the PD/PI may not edit the PRAM. To be able to allow the PD/PI to edit the PRAM, the SO needs to route the PRAM back to the PD/PI using routing steps similar to those above.

At the time of routing, an email is sent to the PD/PI and the selected SO (or other Next Reviewer) to notify them of the event.

Successfully initiated


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