Revised 9/7/2018

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Public Access PRAM

The Public Access Progress Report Additional Materials (PRAM) feature provides a means for the grantee to enter, review, and submit information in response to the automated notification sent when an NIH grantee organization submits an RPPR with non-compliant publications. The system sends the automated email to the PD/PI requesting verification that all publications are in compliance with the NIH Public Access Policy. The SO and AO assigned to the RPPR on the cover page will receive a copy (cc:) of the email. While an email response to the GMS and PO is acceptable at this time, the grantee is encouraged respond using the Public Access PRAM feature in eRA Commons. AHRQ does not currently use the PRAM feature for public access compliance notifications.

Using the PRAM feature, grantees can upload and submit a My NCBI PDF report demonstrating that previously non-compliant papers reported on the RPPR are now compliant. Compliant papers have a status of Complete, N/A (not applicable), PMC Journal in Process, or In process at NIHMS. Please see for additional information. If unable to provide the verification of compliance, grantees can upload and submit justification for why specific publications cannot be brought into compliance.

As with the RPPR, a PD/PI (or Contact PI in the case of multiple PIs) can enter the Public Access PRAM, but can only submit it if the PD/PI is delegated with Submit Progress Report authority. Otherwise, only the SO can submit the PRAM to Agency.


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