View Agency Requested PRAM from Status Information

After submitting Agency Requested PRAM, Commons users with access to the grant information can view the PRAM via the Status Information screen.

The Status Information is accessed by any of the following methods:

Closed toggler arrowClick the Grant Number link from the Progress Report Additional Materials (PRAM) screen

Grant Number hyperlink on PRAM screen

Closed toggler arrowClick the Application ID link from Status Result – List of Applications/Grants (PIs)

Application ID link for PIs

Closed toggler arrow Click the Application ID link from Status Result – General Search (SOs)

Application ID link for SOs

Closed toggler arrowFrom the Status Information screen, click the link in the area marked Progress Report Additional Material (PRAM) in the Other Relevant Documents section.

Status Information with PRAM links

Closed toggler arrowThe Progress Report Additional Materials file opens as a PDF document. The file is formatted to provide an information header section for each PRAM submission followed by the attached documents provided during that submission. If multiple submissions of Agency Requested PRAM were completed, the additional materials are separated in the document with the most recent submission displayed first followed by earlier submissions in reverse chronological order. Information in the document can be navigated using the provided bookmarks on the left.

Portion of PRAM PDF