Institution Basic Information

Closed toggler arrowAs its name implies, the Institution Basic Information page of the Institution Profile provides a means for viewing and managing fundamental information about the institution such as name, contact persons, etc. This information is divided into expandable and collapsible sections, or tiles.

Basic Information tab of IPF (collapsed)

The Institution Basic Information component of the Institution Profile is viewable by clicking the Basic Information link from the dashboardor the Basic Information tab from the Commons menu bar. For most users, the information is read-only, however, if you hold a Commons SO role, you have the ability to edit the information. Regardless of your role, the default view of the Institution Basic Information is read-only.

Closed toggler arrowEach component contains certain required information. If any of this information is missing from a section, a message displays across the top of the screen, the Basic Information link in the dashboard displays in red font, and the header of the component in error displays in red.

Sample Basic Information where DUNS number is incorrectly added. Red font in link; error message at top of screen; and red font in component heading are shown

Closed toggler arrowAdditionally, within the component itself, another error message (red text) displays the error at the field level.

The specific error (The DUNS ID is too long) within the component

Closed toggler arrowYou can expand the component tiles partially for viewing (read-only) or entirely for editing. Tiles can be expanded:

Portion of the Basic Info page showing View All, Edit, and View buttons

Only those users holding an SO role can perform the edit function.

Refer to the specific related topic listed below for information on that individual component of the profile.

To the left of the Institution Basic Information, you find the Institution Profile dashboard. This dashboard provides quick access information to items such as number of accounts, last updated date, status of required fields, etc.