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IM-External Organization Module (IM-IPF)

What is the purpose?  

The Institution Profile File (IPF) is an application used to maintain institutional profiles of organizations involved in research projects that are external to NIH. User groups may include grantee, sponsor or contractor organizations that participate in extramural programs.

What are the features?

  • Following the creation of an Institutional account in eRA Commons, the IPF is populated with the organizational information from registration and assigned a unique IPF number, which officially identifies and associates institutional information within the NIH enterprise database.

What are the benefits?

  • Provides a single profile for the institution.
  • Provides users with a central registry of names, locations, and other selected data.
  • Allows Signing Officials to track the accounts and the total number of overall logins in eRA Commons for their institutions.
  • Identifies and associates institutional information within the NIH enterprise database.

What are the benefits to NIH or Agency Staff?

  • It collects work history information that allows reviewer conflicts to be identified quickly and easily
  • Easily managed contact information ensures a user can be reached, should the need arise
  • Demographic information assists in the evaluation of a diverse biomedical workforce
  • Data accommodates aggregate statistical reporting by the agency

Who can use this feature?

Users need to have specific assigned roles to be able to use this module. They include the IPF Super User Role, The IPF Specialist Role, the IPF Clerk Role and the IPF Ori Role (for users responsible for maintaining external organization certificate-related data).

For detailed information about the specific roles required and their associated privileges, please refer to the IPF User Guide.

This page last updated on November 12, 2013
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