Account Management System (AMS)

What is the purpose?

The Account Management System (AMS) provides a user-friendly module to create, manage and search existing accounts in eRA Commons, iEdison, and ASSIST as well as eRA modules used by agency staff. Depending on role, users from organizations, universities, federal agencies, Institute/Center coordinators, the State Department (for FACTS) and the eRA Service Desk staff are able to access and use the functionality. In addition, AMS is also used by GrantSolutions administrators to create and manage GrantSolutions user accounts.

What are the features?

AMS allows users to:

  • Create new user or system accounts with an associated password.
  • Search for existing user or system accounts.
  • Manage an existing user or system account.
  • Affiliate an account with an Organization, Agency, Or Institute/Center (IC)
  • Reset passwords on existing accounts (this functionality is for external users only)
  • Allow users with the right privileges to manage and create Integrated Review Group (IRG) clusters and committees within AMS. Note that this feature remains in the User Admin module. 
  • Allows the ability to assign IRG clusters to Agency users to create or modify accounts.

What are the benefits?

  • Provides an organized way to create, manage, search or deactivate existing user or system accounts.
  • Allows access to AMS from various stakeholder groups including: Agency Management, Commons users, iEdison users and State Department staff.
  • Improves role assignment functionality.
  • Consolidates actions on search results screen.

Who can use AMS

Agency Management Staff

  • Agency Staff
  • eRA Service Desk Administrators
  • Institute/Center (IC) Coordinators

University/Organization Staff

  • Accounts Administrator (AA)
  • Administrative Official (AO)
  • Business Official (BO)
  • Signing Official (SO)

iEdison Management Staff

  • Extramural Technology Transfer Office Administrator (Extramural TTO Admin)
  • iEdison Agency Administrator
  • NIH Accounts Administrator
  • PO/GMS/CMS Administrator

State Department

  • FACTS State Department Clearance Manager (FACTS SDC MGR role)


  • GrantSolutions Administrator (FOAM_GS_AGENCY_ADMIN role)


See the AMS online help for more information.