For Reviewers - Certify Pre-Meeting COI

Access IAR Fill Out Personal Profile; Honoraria Info Agree to Confidentiality Agreement Check Conflicts (Recruitment Phase) Sign Pre-Meeting COI arrow Access Meeting Materials arrow Access Applications arrow Submit & Manage Critiques, Scores View All Critiques arrow Submit Final Scores arrow Sign SRG Budget/Minutes arrow Sign Post-Meeting COI

Reviewers must identify any conflicts of interest they may have with any of the key personnel on grant applications they will be reviewing. Reviewers are required to electronically certify the pre-meeting form in IAR before participating in the review meeting. Reviewers who do not electronically certify the pre-meeting COI certification in IAR will not be allowed to submit critiques, criterion scores and preliminary scores.

If a recertification is required, say if a new conflict is found, the system will prevent reviewers from moving forward until the recertification is in place. A recertification is also needed if the meeting date has changed; if the meeting agenda has changed from grants to contracts or vice versa; and if the designation of a reviewer has changed from federal reviewer to non-fed and vice versa.

An alert on key IAR screens will notify reviewers that they need to certify the pre-meeting COI certification if they have forgotten to do so or in case they need to recertify.

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