Handy Tips & Tricks for Reviewers

Use Delete Link Sparingly

If you plan to submit a revised critique, do not delete the old one. Reviewers may not realize that deleting the critique also deletes the criteria scores because the system does not allow criteria scores to exist without a critique. If you would like to submit a revised critique during the Edit phase, simply follow the instructions to upload and start by choosing the submit link in the action column on the List of Applications. The revised critique will automatically overwrite the original critique.

The Delete link should only be used when the reviewer needs to remove the critique and criteria scores and does not plan to submit a revised critique.

Proactively Confirm Critique Has Been Uploaded

If critiques are 'missing' from the IAR system, it is not that the documents are missing but it is because the upload has not been completed successfully.

While eRA is working on fine-tuning the upload process, reviewers can proactively take these steps to ensure their critique(s) uploaded successfully.

Confirming Upload via the List of Applications Screen

  • Once the critique has been uploaded, navigate to the List of Applications screen to view the submitted critique.
  • If the View link is not present, it means that the critique was not uploaded successfully.
  • If the View link is present, click on the View link on the screen.
  • If the system does not return a document, it means that the critique was not uploaded successfully.
  • Upload the critique again.

Note: If you can view the critique from the List of Applications screen, the upload was completed successfully. If the critique displays as a Word document it simply means that the process of converting the document to PDF is still in process. The conversion to PDF should only take a few minutes and is not necessary to validate that the critique upload was successfully completed.