Internet Assisted Review (IAR)

What is the purpose?  

The Internet Assisted Review (IAR) module is a system to expedite the scientific review of grant applications. It provides a standard process for reviewers to submit critiques, preliminary scores and final scores and to view grant applications and related meeting materials via the eRA Commons. The IAR module is used during the pre-award phase of the grant application process. IAR allows one-click email capability between the scientific review officer and reviewer.

What are the features?

IAR allows reviewers to:

  • View grant applications in a secure environment
  • Identify conflicts with any applications
  • Download meeting materials
  • Submit information to the Secure Payee Reimbursement System (SPRS) to receive honoraria for the review service
  • Submit critiques and preliminary scores for their assigned applications
  • Read other reviewer's critiques on the same applications (if not in conflict)
  • Submit updated critiques or critiques for unassigned applications at the scientific review officer's discretion
  • Provide final scores

What are the benefits?

The benefits include:

  • Provides a standardized process for reviewers to submit critiques and scores and view grant applications and related meeting materials in a secure setting
  • Allows critiques and scores to be submitted in advance of the scheduled meeting, allowing for more informed discussions at the review meeting
  • Supports alternative formats such as virtual meetings that allow for a secure, online review of applications


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