Institute and Center Operations (ICO)

What is the purpose?  

The Institute and Center Operations (ICO) module allows program officials to manage their portfolios, referral officers to assign a program officer to applications, budget officers to indicate grants to be paid, and council administrators to add council actions to the database. Grants managers also use ICO to assign pay codes and to record mechanism and fiscal year changes. ICO also allows internal electronic approval of awards.

What are the features of ICO?

  • Referral officers, program officials and budget officers all use the ICO module to handle both paper and electronic grant applications, although the workflow for each is different.
  • Grants Payment Management users use the module to set 'to-be-paid' codes and 'intent-to-pay amounts' that will allow for additional detailed reporting and budget tracking.
  • Council Administrators use the module to indicate the results of the National Advisory Council, to indicate grant applications that address the grantor agency's high priority programs.
  • Grant managers use the module to withdraw applications and to reinstate withdrawn applications.

What are the benefits?

  • Centralizes grant administration functions

Who can use ICO?

  • Authorized IC Operations users at NIH Institutes and Centers (ICs)