Grant Update Module (GUM)

What is the purpose?

The Grant Update Module (GUM) allows users to update basic grant data, administrative codes, budget data, principal investigator (PI) data, and Program Class Codes (PCCs) for administrative and dual Institute/Centers (ICs). The system also allows users to view grant application and awarded grant information.

What are the features?

  • A shared module that can be accessed from Peer Review (REV) and Institute and Center Operations (ICO).
  • Provides the ability to update grant data, administrative codes, budget data, PI data, and other grant information.

What are the benefits?

GUM provides users with a consolidated location to update information associated with grant applications.

Who can use GUM?

Users with the following roles can access GUM from the appropriate eRA module:

  • Extramural support assistants are internal users who work directly with scientific review officers to help with all aspects of scientific review of grant application.
  • Scientific review officers are internal users responsible for managing all aspects of scientific review of grant applications.
  • Grant data administrators, IC Operations staff, grants management staff, and those responsible for maintaining grant-related data and preparing pre- and post-council data can update grant applications within the ICO System for grants that are assigned to their IC, and add and update subprojects, process awards, and maintain award data.
  • The Finance and Budget staff to update grant applications for the purpose of determining pay lists, intent to pay budgets, mechanism code, program class codes, and report groupings for obligation related reports within the ICO System.