Grants Closeout Module (GCM)

What is the purpose?

The Grants Closeout Module (GCM) is used by Agency staff to close grants and to track and monitor the status of the closeout process. It interfaces with the eRA Commons where grantees can electronically complete and submit their grant closeout documents.  It also interfaces with xTrain, which is part of Commons, as fellowships that are terminated in xTrain are automatically closed in GCM. Agency staff use GCM  to record and process the information necessary to close out a grant.

Features of the Grants Closeout Module

The Grants Closeout Module is designed to allow Agency staff to:

  • Identify grants eligible for closeout
  • Request the receipt of the required closeout documents from grantee institutions
  • Track the receipt of the closeout documents, whether they are received through Commons or by email or fax
  • Close out the grant
  • Facilitate sending files to the Federal Records Center (FRC)
  • Remove grants from the closeout module, if necessary

What is the benefit? 

The Grant Closeout Module assists in assuring compliance with the mandated closeout requirements.

Who can use Grants Closeout?

Internal users

  • Grants Management Specialists with the Closeout role
  • Grant Closeout Administrator

Accessible through IMPAC II