Program Module (PGM)

What is the purpose?  

The Program Module provides Program Officials (PO) access to information and documents for applications and grants in their portfolio, with the ability to execute reporting and approval transactions in real time.

The Features?

  • Quickly obtain grant status: Each grant record in the search result also includes access to all documents in the eRA Grant Folder; eRA grant snapshot report; Checklist and PO approval links; and Outlook email link to PI(s).
  • View all assigned applications: The PO can view all assigned applications and grants presorted according to their phase in the grant life cycle.
  • Approve competing and noncompeting continuation awards: The PO can document the scientific progress of the grants in his/her portfolio and approve both competing and noncompeting continuation awards.

What are the benefits?

  • Quick access to complete information on a grant to respond to an investigator's inquiry in real time
  • Access information about their own grant portfolio without searching
  • Assess summary statement and T5 application availability at a glance
  • Customize a large number of display features separately for each page
  • View applications and document evaluations and approvals from the same page
  • View other PO portfolios and take actions if assigned
  • View complete information on other applications to assess scientific or budgetary overlap

Who can use the Progam module?

Program Officials at select grantor agencies who have been granted access and assigned specific Program roles can use the Program module.