iEdison - User Guides & Release Notes Archive


  • iEdison Release Notes v4.5.0.10 (PDF - 1 MB) 12/04/14
    New Features: iEdison Main Menu and Patent Report Screens have an Updated Look, Ability to Create Hierarchal parent/Child Patent Structure for the Same Invention, Ability to Provide a Date Range when Generating iEdison Invention Report
    Fixes: Confirmatory License now Propagating to the Child Patent Report when Linking Patents
  • iEdison Release Notes v4.3.0.4 (PDF - 306 KB) 09/18/14
    New Features: Online Help now Available for External Users, Primary DUNS Displayed if Multiple DUNS Numbers Present, Ability to Deactivate and Reactivate Notification Messages now Available by IDO Administrators/Users
    Fixes: Invention Transfer Emails are now being Sent to TTO Administrators, The Uploaded Document Message is now being deleted for the IDO Administrator and TTO Users when the Document is Deleted
  • iEdison Release Notes Version (PDF - 187 KB) 07/18/14
    New Features: DUNS is not Required for an Individual Inventor's Organization Registration, Username and Email Address does not Accept All Characters
    Fixes: AMS/IPF/PPF now Open in a Separate Browser Window, Bar Related Messages are now being Cleared after Invention Status is Changed from Barred, Login Failure Error Message now Refers to the Correct Login Attempt, Session Timeout now Displays the iEdison Login Screen, Primary Agency now USAF/ESC is Renamed, Notification Message 400 no Longer Appears when Fiscal Month is Added
  • iEdison Release Notes Version (PDF - 24 KB) 04/25/14
    Fixes: Parent Invention Report Number Field is now Available for Editing for the Extramural TTO Admin and TTO User, Hyperlink on the Home Screen now Point to the Correct Web Site, Validation Added to Make Requested Username Field Unique, Duplicate Invention Overview now Fixed when Modifying an Invention Report, Patent Report Search by the U.S. Patent Title Field now Works, Issue with the Reset Button is now Resolved when Searching for the Patent and Utilization Reports, iEdison Reporting Label is now Displaying Correctly on the Main Menu Screen


  • iEdison Release Notes Version 3.03.01 (PDF - 58 KB) 10/22/10
    This release included fixes to notification messages, Utilization reporting, and display of some titles and comments in iEdison.
  • iEdison Release Notes Version 3.02.02 (PDF - 13 KB) 07/21/10
    Added iEdison URL to email about notification messages; PCT patent can now remove bar; fixes related to barring of inventions, reject and receipt date warnings for invention and patent documents, formatting of comments, invention report keywords, and changing "Type of Application" on patents.