iEdison - New Features & Fixes

New Features (May 2017)

Per NOT-OD-17-065, New enhancements have been made, following requests made by NIH's funding recipients, to Interagency Edison (iEdison) to better ease compliance with 37 C.F.R. 401.14 and the terms and conditions of NIH's funding agreements when requesting approval for an extension of time to elect title and file an initial patent application.   These iEdison enhancements enable a funding recipient to specify an extension of time request and attach a document in the iEdison "Other Document" section which will be reviewed by NIH when receiving an automatic prompt from iEdison that a request for an extension has been made. 

NIH award recipients and/or subcontractors or subrecipients are reminded to request an extension, along with a narrative justification, not less than 60 days in advance of the deadline to allow for NIH review.  The request and all required information must be provided through iEdison. For more detailed instructions to request an extension of time see the link below for iEdison Frequently Asked Questions.

New Features (August 2016)

Several iEdison enhancements were implemented on Monday, August 1, 2016. These were in response to requests for more flexible options to create and download reports of an institution’s Edison data; and to ensure alignment between Bayh-Dole compliance requirements and an institution’s own records.

The search screen has been redesigned with improved functionality including the following new features.

  • When creating and downloading a report on Edison inventions, you can:
    • Query by Primary Agency or by Supporting Agency
    • Specify multiple statuses to be included in the report.
    • Select what data fields you want in your report.
    • Specify the order in which data will be presented in your report
    • View the Invention Disclosure Document or Invention Other Documents from the Generate Invention Report output
  • When searching for documents in Edison “Other Documents” are now included

New Features (June 2016)

iEdison to Accept Expanded Number of Inventors and Funding Agreements

Based on the recommendations of Edison users and to enable more accurate reporting of subject inventions and patents, the following two enhancements will be made during an upgrade process on Thursday, June 2, 2016:

  • iEdison will now allow users to enter up to 20 Inventors on both the invention disclosure and patent screens.
  • iEdison will now allow users to enter up to 20 Funding Agreements on the invention disclosure screen.
NOTE: All eRA systems will remain available during this upgrade process.


New Features (January 2016)

iEdison Screens Modified for new Account Management System (AMS)

The new Account Management System (AMS) facilitates user and system account administration based on assigned user roles. AMS leverages a new User Interface (UI) that is cleaner, more intuitive, and easier to read. Users with the following roles can search, create, or modify an iEdison user account:

  • Extramural Technology Transfer Official Administrator (Extramural TTO Admin)
  • Invention Disclosure Official (IDO) Administrator
  • Agency Administrator
  • NIH Accounts Administrator
  • Program Official/Grants Management Specialist/Contract Management Specialist (CPO/GMS/CMS) Administrator

NOTE: All accounts will now utilize the new AMS system to reset their passwords.

Message 200/5210 Non-Provisional Patent Record Must be Filed in a Timely Manner

If an Invention Report’s status is Elect Title, but no non-provisional or issued patent has been added to the Invention the following messages will display:

  • Message 200 for external users – An initial non-provisional patent application must be timely filed. (e.g. 37 CFR 401.14(c)(3)).
  • Message 5210 for Agency users – Title to this invention has been elected but an initial non-provisional application is past due.

National Science Foundation (NSF) Waive Invention Report Compliance

If an attempt is made to change a NSF Invention Report’s status to Not Elect Title, the system verifies that any Patents derived from the Invention Report are in a Waived or Voided status.

If there are any Patents that are NOT in a Waived or Voided status, the system displays the following message: This invention record cannot be waived until associated Patents are waived.

If there are Patents in a Waived or Voided status, the system verifies that the following notifications do not exist or are deactivated:

  • For the Invention: 120/5120, 5125, and 130
  • For the associated Patents: 220/5220, 221/5221, 240/5240, 5243, 223, 5244, and 234

If these notification exist, the system displays the following error messages:

  • Extramural Notification: The following notifications must be cleared before you may Not Elect Title to this invention: <EXTRAMURAL NOTIFICATION NUMBER>.  Also, any messages suppressed by the institution also require resolution.
  • Agency Notification: The following notification messages must be cleared by the Agency before you may Not Elect Title to this invention <AGENCY NOTIFICATION NUMBER>.

If none of these notifications exist, then the system verifies that a new Invention Disclosure for the Invention Report has not been uploaded and previously accepted.

If there is an Invention Disclosure document has been uploaded, but it has not been accepted, then the following error message is displayed: This invention record cannot be waived until the disclosure documents is accepted by the Government.

  • Patent Number Required when Patent Date is Provided
    Previously when a date was entered in one of the following Patent date fields the corresponding Patent number was not required:
    • Filing Date of Provisional Patent Application
    • Filing Date of Non-Provisional Patent Application
    • Filing Date of PCT Patent Application
    • Patent Issue Date

Now the appropriate Patent number is required when a date is entered in any one of the Patent date fields.

If a Patent Report currently exists without the appropriate Patent numbers, the system displays the following warning messages when the Patent Report is being submitted:

  • No Provisional Application Number is provided.
  • Non-Provisional Date is provided, but no Non-Provisional Application Number is provided.
  • PCT Date is provided, but no PCT Application Number is provided.
  • Issue Date is provided, but no Issue Application Number is provided.

For new created Patent Reports, or newly entered dates, the system displays the following error messages when the Patent Report is being submitted:

  • If the Provisional Patent Application date is provided the Provisional Patent Application Number is required.
  • If the Non-Provisional Patent Application date is provided the Non-Provisional Patent Application Number is required.
  • If the PCT Patent Application date is provided the PCT Patent Application Number is required.
  • If the Issued Patent Application date is provided the Issued Patent Application Number is required.

New Features (October 2015)

  • About and Help Hyperlinks Connect to New Web Pages
    • For all iEdison users, the About and Help hyperlinks, located on the top right hand side of the login screen, now connect to the following web pages:
    A New PCT Patent Number Format and New Associated Validations Have Been Implemented
    • Format Changes. The new PCT Patent Application Number format is: 2 letters (country code) + 2 or 4 digit year + 5 to 6 digits. If only 5 digits are provided at the end of the number, the system will add a leading 0.
    • Validations. The Patent Cooperation Treaty (PCT) year in the PCT Patent Application Number field should match the year in the Filing Date of PCT Patent Application field. If the years do not match, the system displays the following error message:
      The PCT number supplied does not correspond with the PCT Filing Date indicated.
    • When the PCT year is converted to 4 digit year, the following conditions are verified:
      1. If the PCT filing date is 12/31/1999 or earlier, then the PCT Application Patent Number should contain a four-digit year that begins with 19.
      2. If the PCT Filing date is 1/1/2000 or later, then the PCT Application Patent Number should contain a four-digit year that begins with 20.
    • If either of these validations fails, then the following error message is displayed:
      If the PCT filing date is 12/31/1999 or earlier, the PCT Application Number should contain a four-digit year that begins with ‘19’. If the PCT Filing date is 1/1/2000 or later, the PCT Application number should contain a four-digit year that begins with ‘20’.
    • If the data entered on the Patent Search screen in the PCT Application Patent Number field is not in the new format, then the system converts the data to the new format before searching for that patent.


  • On the Modify Patent Report Screen the Enter Key now Performs the same as the Submit Button
    • Previously on the Modify Patent Report screen the <enter> key on the keyboard was not performing the same functionality as the Submit button on the Modify Invention Report screen.

    Messages 260 now Cleared when the EIR Status is Changed to Not Elect Title
    • Previously message 260, “Provisional Date About to Expire,” was not clearing when an Extramural Invention Report’s (EIR) status was changed to Not Elect Title. Messages generated for the following statuses will be cleared:
      • Record Voided
      • Transferred
      • Not Elect Title

    Unaccepted Invention Disclosures (message 130) Notifications to be Generated
    • Notifications missed for Rejected Invention Disclosures (message 130) will be generated as part of the upgrade process.
    The iEdison Banner now Navigates to the iEdison Login Screen
    • Previously when the hyperlink or the banner was clicked, the system did not return to the iEdison Login screen which contains the Agency links, and other helpful links.

NOTE: The ability to submit help tickets online will not be available during the downtime listed above. However, customers can always email the eRA Service Desk during that time; iEdison/ERL support).

New Features (April 2015)

  • The Paper Option is Removed for File Uploads on Invention and Patent Reports
    • For file uploads on Invention and/or Patent reports the paper option is no longer available. If a document was previously uploaded as paper type document, then there is still the ability to save the paper document. However, if the Invention and/or Patent report’s file type is changed to another file type besides paper, then the ability to change the file type back to paper is no longer available.
  • Messages 260/ 5260, Provisional Patent Due to Expire, are  Now Triggered, Based on Specific Invention/Patent Criteria
    • Messages are now triggered based on all of the following criteria being “TRUE.”
      1. The Invention report’s status is not: Record Voided, Transferred, or Not Elect Title. AND…
      2. The Patent report’s status is Institution Retains Rights. AND…
      3. The Provisional Patent Application Date is populated. AND…
      4. The following Patent fields are not populated: PCT Filing Date, Non-provisional Patent Application Date, and Patent Issue Date. AND…
      5. Special Condition: Patent is not a parent Patent. AND…

NOTE: If all Child Patents are voided, the Patent is not considered a parent Patent.

6. The difference between the Provisional Patent Application Date and the present date is greater than ten months.


  • DOE Email Notification for new Inventions/Patents now Includes DOE Award Number
    • DOE currently receives a notification e-mail when new inventions are created that have a primary agency of DOE containing a temporary 'S' number to be compatible with a longstanding docketing number system that DOE maintains..  Starting from this release the DOE award number(s) are also included in this e-mail as well.



  • The Correct Notes are now Generated in the Government Notes when an Invention is Transferred
    • Previously when an Invention was transferred to another Institution, the government notes were not generated correctly.
  • Suppressed Messages are now automatically Unsuppressed after 30Days
    • Notification messages can be suppressed for thirty days by one or more users simultaneously. If the suppressed message is still valid after thirty days, it is unsuppressed. Previously notification messages that were suppressed were not unsuppressed after thirty days.
  • The DOE "S" Number now Appears when Exporting Invention and Patent Reports
    • Previously the DOC “S” Number was not populated when exporting Invention and/or Patent reports that contained a DOC “S” Number.

New Features (March 2015)

  • NIH Inventions May Not Be Set to Not Elect Title Status if they have outstanding messages
    • On the Modify Invention Report screen, NIH Inventions may not be set to Not Elect Title  if:
      • The invention has outstanding notifications regarding a missing, submitted, or rejected Confirmatory License, Government Support Clause, Invention Disclosure Documents.
      • Messages that Utilization reports are due.
      • Message regarding missing Fiscal Month.
      • A Utilization report would be due for the current Fiscal Year.
  • If this rule is not followed, an error message will display: ​“A Utilization Report must be submitted for the Fiscal Year <Fiscal Year> before the invention may be set to Not Elect Title status.”​“The following notification messages must be cleared by the Agency before you may Not Elect Title to this invention <Message Number>” ​“The following notifications must be cleared before you may Not Elect Title to this invention: <Message Number> Also, any messages suppressed by the institution also require resolution”
  • Notification Messages are Simplified Base for Submitted or Rejected
    • On the Notification Messages Search Results screen, the following notifications are created for the Government Support Clause during submit or reject:: 
      • Submit:  (Agency message):  “A Government Support Clause for a patent filing has been submitted and is awaiting Agency acceptance.”
      • Reject: (Organization message):   “A submitted Government Support Clause is not accepted. See the 'Government Support Clause Reject Comment' in the Patent report screen. 37 CFR Section 401.14(f)(4).”
    • The following notifications are created for the Confirmatory License when submit, reject, or missing:
      • Submit: (Agency message):   “A Confirmatory License for a patent filing has been submitted and is awaiting Agency acceptance.”
      • Reject: (Organization message):   “The submitted Confirmatory License is not accepted. See the 'Confirmatory License Reject Comment' in the Patent report screen. 37 CFR Section 401.14(b).”
      • Missing (Organization message):  “A Confirmatory License is missing for a non-provisional patent filling in this record 37 CFR Section 401.14(b).”
      • Missing (Agency message):  “A Confirmatory License is missing for a non-provisional patent filing in this record.”
  • Utilization Report Reminder Messages Triggered by Entering of Fiscal Month
    • If the Fiscal Month is missing in Commons Institution Profile, iEdison is holding the Utilization Reminders until the month is entered.  When the Fiscal Month is declared, system verifies if any Utilization Reports are due or outstanding and displays the  proper message on the View Notification Messages screen:
      • If the Utilization Report is due, this message appears:  “Title to this invention has been elected. After title has been elected, a Utilization Report must be submitted annually based on the 12-month reporting cycle chosen by this grantee/contractor; a Utilization Report for this invention is due.”
      • If the Utilization Report is overdue, this message appears:  “A utilization report must be submitted annually for every invention to which title has been elected.  According to a 12-month cycle defined by the grantee/contractor organization, the utilization report for this invention was due on <DUE DATE>.”
  • Remove Reference to Submitting Waivers via Non-Electronic Source
    • Mailing addresses and phone numbers are replaced by email link from the Waiver Reporting on the following screens:
      • Processing of Requests for Assignment of Invention Rights to the Inventor 
      • NIH Procedures for Requests for Waivers of the U.S. Manufacturing Requirement in Licenses to Extramural Inventions
      • Manage Third Party Assignment


  • Institution Name now Displays in the iEdison Reports
    • Previously, when generating Invention and Patent Reports, the institution name in the Grantee/Contractor Organization field is missing.  The issue has been resolved.


New Features (January 2015)

  • Ability to Submit Feedback/Suggestions directly from ERL
    • At the bottom of each screen will be a Feedback/Suggestions for iEdisonlink.
    • When the link is clicked, the system displays the Knowledge Basescreen where user can search for existing requests. There is also Submit a New Request screen. The fields on the screen are prepopulated based on the logged in user’s information.  When submitted, the request is automatically forwarded to the eRA Help Desk ticketing system for processing.


  • Patent Reports in a Waived Status are not Modifiable
    • Extramural users with the following roles are NOT able to modify a Patent Report if it is in a Waive status: 
      • Extramural TTO Admin
      • Extramural TTO User
    • A Patent Report is considered to be in Waive status if the Patent Report’s status is NOT one of the following values:
      • Institution Retains Rights
      • Record Voided


  • Changes to Generation of the Confirmatory License Form’s Patent or Application Serial No. and the U.S. Filing/Issue Date Field Values
    • The Confirmatory License Form’s Patent or Application Serial No. and the U.S. Filing/Issue Date fields will be generated based on the earliest information provided in the Patent Report.
    • iEdison will look at Provisional, Non-Provisional, Patent Issued, and Patent Cooperation Treaty (PCT) numbers and filing dates, if provided, and populate the Confirmatory License Form’s Patent or Application Serial No. and the U.S. Filing/Issue Date fields accordingly.


New Features (December 2014)

  • iEdison Main Menu and Patent Report Screens have an Updated Look
  • The iEdison Main Menu screen has an updated look, but the functionality is the same. Instead of menu tabs across the top of the screen, they are now located above the words, Main Menu. These tabs appear across most iEdison screen.
  • Patent Search Screen
    • A new design for the Patent Search screen provides a cleaner, more functional look.
    • When the Search button is clicked, the system performs the search and displays the appropriate search results. 10 patent records are displayed per page. The search results can be navigated by clicking the appropriate Page Number, First, Next, First, or Last hyperlinks.
    • The following hyperlink options are in the Actions column: Modify and Transfer.
  • Modify Patent Record Screen
    • By clicking the Modify hyperlink from the Patent Search screen, the system displays Modify Patent Record screen, which also has an updated look and feel.
  • Patent Transfer Screen
    • By clicking the Transfer hyperlink on the Patent Search screen, the system displays the Patent Transfer screen.
  • Create Patent Record Screen
    • The Create Patent Record screen has similar features to the Modify Patent Record screen.
    • Keywords and/or inventors can be added by typing the information in the appropriate field text box and clicking the Add button next to the field. Keywords and/or inventors can be deleted or modified by clicking the appropriate hyperlink.

Ability to Provide a Date Range when Generating iEdison Invention Report

  • There is the ability to provide a date range when generating iEdison Invention Reports. On the Generate Invention Report screen, the Invention Report Date field has a Start and End date fields with a format of mm/dd/yyyy. The Invention Report itself looks the same. The Invention Report excludes transferred and voided inventions.

New Features (July 2014)

  • DUNS Number Not Required for Individual Inventor's Organization Registration
    • The Data Universal Numbering System (DUNS) is no longer required for an individual inventor registering an organization. A new check box field labeled Individual Registration now appears on the Request to Register iEdison Organization screen.
  • Not All Characters Accepted in the Username and Email Address
    • The Username and E-mail Address fields do not accept all characters (e.g. &, *, $) on the Request to Register iEdison Organization screen.
  • AMS/IPF/PPF Screens now Open in a Separate Browser Window
    • Previously when the Account Management System (AMS), the Institutional Profile Module (IPF) system, and the Personal Profile Module (PPF) system were accessed from iEdison, they opened on top of the iEdison Main Menu screen.

Fixes (July 2014)

  • Login Failure Error Message now Refers to the Correct Login Attempt
    • Previously when logging into iEdison failed, the system displayed a login failure error message that referred to a login attempt to the Commons system. The system should have referred to the iEdison system rather than the Commons system.
  • Session Timeout now Displays the iEdison Screen
    • Previously if the iEdison system timed out, the system displayed the Commons Login screen when the Main Menu or Search tab was clicked. The system should have displayed the iEdison Login screen.
  • Primary Agency USAF/ESC is Renamed
    • Previously the United States Air Force/Electronic System Center (USAF/ESC) was used a primary agency name. The acronym USAF/ESC appeared on various iEdison screens. The Air Force Materiel Command Legal Office (AFMCLO/JAZ) should now be used.
  • Notification Message 400 no Longer Appears when Fiscal Month is Added
    • Previously adding the month to The month that begins utilization reporting period field on the Edit Institution Profile screen did not remove notification message 400, Missing Fiscal Month.

New Features & Fixes (April 2014)

  • Parent Invention Report Number Now available for Editing
    • Previously the Parent Invention Report Number field on the new Employee Discovery and Invention Report (EIR) was not available for editing for users with the extramural Office of Technology Transfer (TTO) Administrator role or the TTO User role.
  • Unique Username Now Validated
    • Now when registering an organization in iEdison, the system performs validation requiring the Requested Username field to be unique.
  • Duplicate Invention Overview Fixed When Modifying an Invention Report
    • Now when editing an Invention Report (EIR), the system no longer displays the Invention Overview twice.
  • Patent Report Search Fixed
    • Now searching by the U.S. Patent Title field on the Patent Report Search screen displays the appropriate results.
  • Reset Button for Searching for Patent and Utilization Reports Fixed
    • Now when the Reset button is clicked on the Invention, Patent, and Utilization Report Search screens, the system clears out the search criteria.
  • iEdison Reporting Label Displaying Correctly
    • The iEdison Reporting label is now displaying correctly on the Main Menu screen.
  • Hyperlinks on the Home/Main Menu Screen Fixed
    • The Federal Laboratory Consortium for Technology Transfer hyperlink on the iEdison Main Menu screen now points to the correct web site.

New Fixes (February 2014)

  • The NIH Agency Link is Restored: The NIH Agency link on the main iEdison page has been restored. This link provides access to 'NIH Procedures, Policies and Forms', containing NIH policies related to inventions as well as forms and questionnaires needed for the requesting of Inventor, U.S. Manufacturing, and Third Party waivers.
  • Notices on the iEdison Home Page Restored: We have restored the ability for notices of iEdison system maintenance and downtimes to be prominently displayed on the iEdison home page near the log-in information. 
  • ELECT TITLE Status Must Be Set to Add Patent Information: The ELECT TITLE status must be set in order to be able to add non-provisional [or issued] patent information to a patent record. Previously an invention that was still UNDER EVALUATION could have this patent information erroneously added to it.
  • Search Results Display Fixed: Searching for Utilization records and Patents Reports previously gave no results when there were too many records to display. This could result in the possibility that a user might mistakenly believe that no data had been reported. The system will now state if there are too many records to display and ask the user to narrow the search parameters.