iEdison - Bulk Upload Instructions for System-to-System Services

Bulk Upload Instructions for System-to-System Services

To accommodate organizations with large databases of invention information, iEdison permits grantee organizations to submit information directly from their database systems to iEdison without having to key the data using the Web Browser.

Any organization may take advantage of this service. It requires only that the information be transferred in the iEdison format in plain (ascii) text.

In general, an Interagency Edison/Edison integrator report is constructed as a sequence of data element type-value pairs as presented below.


data element name 1=^^data element value^^


data element name 2=^^data element value^^


data element name 3=^^data element value^^


data element name 4=^^data element value^^


        .       .       .       .


        .       .       .       .


        .       .       .       .


data element name n=^^data element value^^


The data elements must be provided in a specific format, and specific sequence.

The associated documents provide instructions for creating such Interagency Edison/Edison integrator reports. You may seek additional detail in three sections:

Once the data to be transmitted is in the proper format within a file on your system's hard drive, you can use one of two available methods to upload your file to the iEdison system.

Method #1:

Go to your main menu and under "iEdison Reporting" click on Upload iEdison Invention Report Datastream.

That will take you to the Upload iEdison Invention/Patent Reports page.

Enter the path and name of the file you want to upload and choose "Submit" OR choose "Browse" to locate the file.

Choose the file or enter the path, and submit it. You will then see a screen that says:

Submission Summary.

Your file has been stored for test upload, and will be processed shortly. The results of the upload will be e-mailed to your institution's administrator when complete.

Method #2:

A web service has been created that will allow Extramural Web users to submit information without requiring the users to log in to the Extramural Web interface.  This web service will perform a similar function to the "Upload iEdison Invention Report Datastream" menu item in the Extramural Web.

To use this service, download the WSDL (Web Services Description Language) document.  The WSDL is an XML (eXtensible Markup Language) document that describes the parameters required by the web service, as well as the possible results returned from the service. You will need to use this document to write the client application that will access the web service.

Once the data is transmitted, iEdison will review your uploaded file line by line to ensure data validity and notify you, via e-mail, of any errors encountered, noting them by field name. Because the e-mail transmission is not encrypted, the acknowledgment will not include any "enabling" contents of invention or patent data fields. That report will allow you to correct any problems in the data. The system will not accept incorrect data.

Should you submit a file that is not in plain (ascii) text -- that is, a file that is not .txt or .asc -- you will see a message that see a message that says:

X Please provide a file in ASCII format. (ID: 20397)