For Grantees - Submit No-Cost Extension

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The eRA Commons' No-Cost Extension feature allows the grantee organization to electronically submit a notification that the organization plans to use its one-time authority to extend the final budget period of a project period of a grant. This extension is without extra funding and available for up to 12 months of additional time, provided the Notice of Award does not prohibit the extension and the project's approved scope will not change. Use of eRA Commons to submit No-Cost Extensions is required.

Note that the No-Cost Extension may be requested only by the Signing Official, no earlier than 90 days before the end of the project period and no later than the project's end date. An email is sent to the funding agency's Grants Management staff when a Signing Official submits the extension. The awarding office will revise the project period end date and send a confirmation to the grantee.

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