Submitting Agency Requested PRAM

When the Agency Requested Progress Report Additional Materials (PRAM) is in Reviewer Work in Progress status, the Signing Official (SO) can submit it to the Agency. PD/PIs may also submit the information if they have been delegated Submit Progress Report authority by the SO.

To submit the PRAM:

  1. Access the Status module.
  2. Enter the appropriate query parameters to locate the grant and select the Search button.

    The Status Result – General Search screen displays with the matching information.

  3. Closed toggler arrowFrom the Action column, select the link for Agency Requested PRAM.

    IC Requested PRAM link

    The Progress Report Additional Materials (PRAM) screen displays. The screen displays Grant Information on top and the files attached by the PD/PI in the Additional Materials Requested by Agency portion at the bottom. The attached files may be viewed or removed and additional PDF files may be added if necessary.

  4. Optional: Select the document’s View link in the Action column to view the attachment.
  5. Optional: Select the document’s Delete link in the Action column to remove the attachment.
  6. Optional: Select the Add Attachment button to attach additional files. Up to 100 PDF files may be attached.

    Before submitting, the SO also may View the PRAM as a PDF, Route it to another reviewer (or back to the PD/PI), and view the Route History. Select any of the appropriate buttons to perform these actions. Follow the steps below to continue submitting the PRAM.

  7. Closed toggler arrowSelect the Submit button.

    PRAM screen with Submit button

    Closed toggler arrowThe Submit PRAM to Agency screen displays. By continuing from this screen, the SO certifies that the submitting organization is in compliance with the terms and conditions specified in the Notice of Award and Grants Policy Statement. The SO also verifies that the information provided in the PRAM is valid and accurate.

  8. Read certification agreement. Select the I Agree button to continue submitting the information. (Selecting the Cancel button closes the screen and returns the Progress Report Additional Materials screen without submitting the material.)

    SO Assurance

Closed toggler arrowThe Progress Report Additional Materials (PRAM) screen displays with a message indicating that the PRAM was successfully submitted. The current reviewer is updated to NIH, the PRAM status is updated to Submitted to Agency, and the PRAM submission date is recorded. The routing history is updated to reflect the submission to Agency.

Successfully submitted

When PRAM is submitted to Agency, an email notification is sent to the PD/PI (Contact PI) on the grant, the submitting SO, the SO assigned to the RPPR, and AO assigned to the RPPR.

Once the IC Requested PRAM is submitted, the View button remains on the PRAM screen to provide a preview of the latest PRAM submission; however, the ability to view or delete the individual attachments is removed. The ability to upload and submit additional attachments remains until the grant is awarded. Follow the steps provided in the Initiating Agency Requested PRAM section to add additional attachments (starting with Step 3).

If multiple PRAM submissions were completed, selecting the View button only provides a preview of the latest PRAM submission. To view all submissions as one document, access the Status Information screen for the grant and select the PRAM link. Refer to the help topic titled View Agency Requested PRAM from Status Information for more information.