Access Human Subjects System (HSS)

The Human Subjects System can be accessed by Principal Investigators (PIs) or Signing Officials (SOs) through either the RPPR or through the Status screen in eRA Commons

Human subjects information may need to be updated in the following scenarios:

Here is a quick summary of the ways HSS can be accessed (more detailed instructions follow):

Each method will result in access, via HSCT Post Submission, to inclusion enrollment reports in regular and delayed onset study records.

To edit an existing study, log into eRA Commons and access the Human Subjects link via the RPPR or Status tabs.

Access via Status



Access via RPPR

To Access HSS via an RPPR, select the RPPR tab and then, in the Edit view, select the tab labeled, G Special Reporting Req. Closed toggler arrow(click to view)

Showing top of Manage RPPR screen highlighting the Special Reporting tab

After selecting the GSpecial Reporting Req tab, scroll down to section G.4.b Inclusion Enrollment Data and then select the link for Human Subjects. Closed toggler arrow(click to view)

Showing the Human Subjects link in section G.4.b

The above methods will take the user to the Application Information screen and provide access to the HSCT Post Submission tab.

Click on the HSCT Post Submission tab. This will take you to a Study Record(s) screen where all study records and delayed onset studies associated with your grant are displayed. Closed toggler arrow(click to view)

HSS tab in Application Information