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Revised 11/3/2017

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Overall Component

The Overall component provides overview information for the application. The Overall component describes the entire application and explains how each of the additional components fit together. It is a special component type with a single occurrence in every complex application. The PD/PI and multi-PD/PIs for the entire application are captured in the Overall component. It is the only component that includes full SF424 R&R cover data collection. It does not include a budget.

The Overall component with corresponding forms (e.g., Cover Page, Checklist) is automatically created when you initiate your application.

If additional components are available, they can be added using the Add New Component button in the Actions section. Refer to the topic titled Other Components of Multi-Project Applications for more information.

IMPORTANT: The figures provided in these topics serve as examples only. They may not reflect what you see in your own applications and may not always represent valid data.

If you have specific questions about the forms available for your application, please refer to the Application Guide.



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