Updated 11/15/2018

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Reactivate Account

Follow these steps to reactivate an account that has been deactivated by an administrator.

NOTE: Commons users are required to reset their passwords after a defined time period. The system locks the account is if the user fails to rest the password. Use the Reset Password function to unlock these accounts.

  1. Open the account in the Manage Account screen.

  2. If an account is deactivated, a Reactivate button will be present at the bottom of the Manage Account screen, as shown here. Click this button to proceed.
    Reactivate button at the bottom of the Manage Account screen

  3. When you click Reactivate, the Reactivate Account screen opens, as shown here.
  4. Reactivate Account  screen

    Reactivate Account screen


  5. In this screen, take these steps:
  1. Mandatory: Enter comments in the comments field to inform the user about this action.
  2. Click Reactivate to reactivate the account, or click Close to cancel.


  1. When you click Reactivate, the system reactivates the account and displays a confirmation message.
    And the account owner receives an email notification that includes the text you entered in the Comments field.

NOTE: The unlock notification asks the user to login to the account that same day. If the user does not login before the end of the day, the account is locked again.


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