Add/Delete User Roles


  1. To add user roles to an account, click on the + Add Roles button at the bottom of the Create Accounts or Manage Accounts screen, as shown here.

view of Add Roles buttons

When you click + Add Roles, the Add Roles screen opens, as shown below.

NOTE: If you click + Add Roles to other org, Closed toggler arrowthe window shown here will open first, so you can search for and select the other organization.

view of organization search window

Select the organization and click Next to proceed to the Add Roles screen as described below.

Add Roles Screen

Add Roles screen

  1. Scroll through the list and click to select the appropriate role(s).
    Note: For reference, here is a complete list of Commons user roles.
  2. Click the Add Role(s) button.

When you click Add Roles(s), the system returns to the Create Account or Manage Account screen and displays the newly added role(s) Closed toggler arrow(as shown here).

Roles Section on the Create Accounts Screen for Commons Users

  1. To add additional roles, click the + Add Roles(s) button and repeat the steps above.
  2. To remove a role, click the appropriate Remove button in the Action column.
  3. To remove all roles, click the Remove All button.

NOTE: You cannot remove Signing Official (SO) role when the Research Performance Progress Report (RPPR) is assigned.