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NIH eRA Commons Overview


Login & Logout

Logging In

Logging Out

Username and Password Information

Changing Your Password

ERA Password Policy

Web Browser Information

Session Expiration

Concurrent Logins

Password Expiration Notification

Printing Pages

Registering Institutions

Making the Initial Registration Request

Confirming Institution Registration Information

Maintaining User Accounts

Querying Accounts

Creating User Accounts

Creating Affiliations for Users

Viewing NIH Support Information

Available Roles for New Accounts

Deleting Accounts

Viewing Pending Status Information

Editing Accounts


Reassigning Accounts

Changing Account Lock Status

Resetting Passwords

Changing Account Roles

Changing Account Email Addresses

Managing Institution Profiles


Viewing Basic Institution Profile Information

Editing Institution Profile Information

Viewing IPF Assurances and Certifications

Editing IPF Assurances and Certifications

Viewing Institution Usage

eSNAP Institution Self Registration

Maintaining Organizational Hierarchy


Editing Hierarchy Components

Adding New Hierarchy Components

Deactivating Hierarchy Components

Managing Personal Profile Information

Personal Profile Online Help System

Verifying NIH Support


Verifying NIH Support for Existing PI Accounts

Verifying NIH Support for New PI Accounts

Viewing Grant Application Status


Understanding Grant Numbers

Querying Grant Proposals

Viewing Proposal Search Results


Viewing Grant Status Information and Related Documentation

Understanding Other Relevant Documents

Querying Type 5 Progress Reports

Viewing Type 5 Progress Report Status



Creating/Accessing Your IAR Account

Logging In to IAR

Understanding IAR Phase Dates

Viewing Meeting Information

Viewing Meeting Materials

Viewing Critiques

Submitting Critiques/Scores

Viewing the Score Matrix

Viewing Application Information



Delegating/Revoking PI Updating Authority

Delegating/Revoking SO Submit Authority

Querying eSNAP Reports

Using the eSNAP Menu

Initiating eSNAP Reports

Viewing eSNAP Reports

Uploading eSNAP Science Items

Editing eSNAP Business Items

Submitting Inclusion Enrollment Reports for Clinical Research

Viewing Routing History

Routing eSNAP Reports

Recalling eSNAP Reports

Validating eSNAP Reports

Submitting eSNAP Reports

Grant Closeout

Grant Closeout Information

Closeout Search

Querying Closeout Grants

Viewing Closeout Search Results

Closeout Actions

Creating a Final FSR for Closeout Grants

Submitting a Final Progress Report (FPR) for Closeout Grants

Submitting a Final Invention Statement for Closeout Grants

FCOINew 6-15-12


Annual Report

Initiate New Report

Revision (used to report changes following a Retrospective Review)



FSR Search

Creating/Updating the FSR Report

OFM Transactions

Status Module

General Search Updated

Change of Institution Search



Change of Institution

Project Extensions



Using the NIH eRA Commons Demo

Using the NIH eRA Commons Demo

Research Performance Progress Report (RPPR)New

Cover Page

Products, Publications



Special Reporting

Using the RPPR Menu

RPPR Action Rules

Routing RPPR Reports

Viewing Routing History

Submitting Inclusion Enrollment Reports for Clinical Research


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