Internet Assisted Review (IAR) Release Notes



  • IAR Release Notes v4.1.2.1 - 12/04/14 (PDF - 252 KB)
    New Features: Final Score Displayed on Submit Critique and Preliminary Score and List of All Application Screens in Edit Phase; References to COI 'Form' Replaced by COI 'Certification'
  • IAR Release Notes v4.1.1.7 - 10/17/14 (PDF - 17 KB)
    New Features: Ability to View All Reference Letters in One PDF via Grant Folder; Updated URL on Confidentiality Agreement; SRA/GTA References Replaced by SRO/ESA; New Help Desk URL
    Fixes: Ongoing Effort to Resolve Critique Uploading Errors
  • IAR Release Notes v4.1.1.4 - 07/18/14 (PDF - 11 KB)
    New Features: Final Score Sheet Button Visible but Disabled Outside of Final Scoring
  • IAR Release Notes v3.9.0.11 - 04/25/14 (PDF - 169 KB)
    New Features: New System Timeout Warning Pop-Up; New Policy Language on Confidentiality
  • IAR Release Notes v3.9.0.7 - 01/31/14 (PDF - 169 KB)
    New Features: Voter Sheet Renamed as Final Score Sheet; Project Title Field Expanded
    Fixes: Check Conflicts Screen Will Exclude Applications Not Released from Receipt & Referral


  • IAR Release Notes v3.7.1.3 - 04/19/13 (PDF - 25 KB)
    New Features: SRO's Default List of Meetings Includes Meetings without Start or End Dates, Default Settings for Recruitment Phase Modified to Yes, Preliminary Scores are Read-only During Edit Phase and Final Scoring, New Conflict Guidance for Reviewers is Posted.
  • IAR Release Notes v3.6.1.3 - 02/21/13 (PDF - 15 KB)
    New Features: IAR Enhanced to Accommodate Pioneers and New Innovators Review Meetings, Length of IC Subproject ID Portion of the Application Number Fields Increased to Accommodate Electronic Complex Applications, Confidentiality Agreement Screen Modified
    Fixes: Fixed System Error Occurring During Login, Misspelling Corrected on Confidentiality Agreement


  • IAR Release Notes v3.4.1.4 - 07/20/12 (PDF - 187 KB)
    New Features: Reviewers Required to Indicate Status as Federally Registered Lobbyists, Reviewers Restricted from Any Meetings When Indicated as Federally Registered Lobbyist, eNotifications Sent to SRO when a Reviewer Indicates Status as Federally Registered Lobbyist, Number of TER Reviewer Types Increased to Five, Meeting Phases Description Includes Important Note Concerning the Meeting Chairperson, Final Scores Details Screen Updated with Navigation Links, Preliminary Score Matrix Sorted by Reviewer Assignment for SRO/ESA, List of Meetings Screen Modified for Better Viewing, Reviewer Voter Sheet Link Made More Prominent on List of Applications Screen, New Meeting Format Codes Added;
    Fixes: Improvements Made to the Preliminary Summary Statements Zip Generation, Timestamp Properly Updated for Resubmission of Critiques and Scores (for OpDivs using Old Business Process only)

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