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Revised 2/17/2016

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No-Cost Extension (NCE)

NIH Standard Terms of Award include the provision for grantees to extend the final budget period of a previously approved project period one time for a period of up to 12 months, without additional NIH funds. This action must be taken before the project period ends, and grantees are required to notify NIH when they have exercised this authority.

Policy: Extension of Final Budget Period of a Previously Approved Project Period without Additional NIH Funds

Grantees may extend the final budget period of the project when the following conditions are met:

In order to mandate an extension, one of the following criteria must be applicable:

NOTE: The fact that funds remain at the expiration of the grant is not, in itself, sufficient justification for an extension without additional funds.

To facilitate this process, the No-Cost Extension (NCE) feature exists in Commons, allowing SO users to request NCE in one month increments up to 12 months. Accessible through Status results, the link for accessing the feature is available 90 days before the project end date and is removed at midnight on the project end date.

IMPORTANT: NIH requires grantees to use the No-Cost Extension feature and will not accept notification via any other channels.

To submit a No-Cost Extension:

  1. Search for a particular grant using the Status - General Search screen.
  2. Select the Extension link from Action column of the appropriate grant on the Status Result - General Search screen.

    Closed toggler arrowThe Extension screen opens.

  3. Select the number of months by which to extend the grant by selecting an option from the Extend drop-down list. Selecting an option updates the date in the This will extend the project to text box.

In extending the final budget period of the project period, the grantee agrees to update all required certifications, including human subjects and animal welfare, in accordance with applicable regulations and policies.

Grantees may not extend project periods previously extended by the NIH awarding office. Any additional project period extension beyond the one-time extension of up to 12 months requires prior NIH approval.

  1. Select the Extend Project Date button.

    Extension screen

Closed toggler arrowA confirmation screen displays a message You selected to extend the project period for this grant for <#> months.

  1. Select the Confirm button to continue.

    Confirmation screen

Upon notification, the NIH awarding office will revise the project period ending date and provide an acknowledgment to the grantee.

NOTE: When an extension without cost is submitted but cannot be processed due to an internal business error, the link displays in Status Result as Extension Error. This link will continue to display until the error has been corrected. Instruction will be given on whom to contact if you need to have the error corrected before resubmitting. Once the error has been corrected, the No Cost Extension will be processed, and the appropriate eNotifications sent.


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