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Revised 2/17/2016

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Status Result - General Search

The Status Result - General Search screen provides matching records from searches performed by SOs using the General Search feature in the Status module. The information displays in tables and includes links to other Commons modules and/or features depending on the application.

NOTE: The Status Result - General Search screen differs from the results displayed for PI users. Refer to the help topic titled Status for Program Directors/Principal Investigators (PI Role) for more information.

The screen has a limit of 100 records per view, with additional records accessed via the page number links and/or navigation arrows at the top of the results table. The results can be sorted by selecting the up/down arrow displayed in the column heading. If the arrow exists in the heading, the information can be sorted by that category.

Closed toggler arrowClick here for a sample image.

Sample of possible status result records

The results include the following information:


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