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Commons Registered Organizations

This query will return a list of all organizations registered in the eRA Commons. The names of the organizations are listed alphabetically; users can also choose from an alphabetic index.

Note: The query may take a few seconds to generate the list.

Progress Report Search By IPF Number

Look up a list of pending progress reports by IPF number.

Enter IPF Number:  

Sort by Due Date    Sort by PI

   Press this button to run.

   Press this button to start over.

Note: This query will return a list of progress reports (PHS 2590 form) that are listed as "due" within the next 4 months for a selected grantee institution. To find an institution, you must enter the complete IPF number. Please be patient, the more grants on the returned list, the longer the query takes to run. The longest list runs in about a minute. Note that any record showing as Yes to "SNAP" is actually due on the 15th of the month instead of the 1st as shown in the query results.

This query will not include progress reports for Multi-year Funded awards (MYF) which are always due on or before the anniversary of the budget/project period start date of the award and are uploaded as a PDF through the eRA Commons (see for instructions).

For more information, visit the Progress Report Search by IPF Number page.

IPF Number Search

Look up the IPF number for your organization as listed in the eRA system.

An IPF Number (Institutional Profile File) is a unique number that is used by the National Institutes of Health (NIH) for tracking and reporting on grant awards to grantee organizations. This query will return a list of grantee institutions based on a name search. The query will return the IPF Number, Institution Name and Location for all organizations that have or have had grant support from the NIH.

Enter Full or Partial Institution Name:


   Press this button to run.

For more information, visit the IPF Number Search page.

Issued Notice of (Grant) Award

Search for the awards made to your organization over a selected time period (need IPF).

NoA Issued by IPF Number
Enter IPF Number:  

Select number of days.

Report will list all NoAs issued in the over the last number of days selected.

Sort by Mailed/Issued Date     Sort by PI

   Press this button to run.

   Press this button to start over.

For more information, visit the Notice of Award Query page.

This page last updated on October 22, 2014
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